Why wont my asus p5k pro start up

i just received my motherboard back from asus and it still has 4 short beeps ,pause, 1 short beep...can you tell me the problem
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The closet error code is the "Hardware component failure" ; therefore, disconnect everything possible including the Keyboard & Mouse, any PCI card(s) except the GPU, and start the PC. If the problem persists next unscrew ALL of the MOBO standoff screws and any PCI screw -- and dangle the MOBO on a towel away from ANY contact with the case or anything conductive.

    One short beep = VGA detected
    Quick boot set to disabled = No keyboard detected
    One continuous beep followed by two short beeps then a pause (repeated) = No memory detected
    One continuous beep followed by three short beeps = No VGA detected
    One continuous beep followed by four short beeps = Hardware component failure

    Let me know & Good Luck!
  2. thanks for answer...i did it and now the beep is 1 long- 3 short..i see that is vga not detected....i'm online searching for solutions..thanks for any info on this problem...thanks again
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