need advice on upgrading to a 5850.

Hi people! first poster, long time reader here.
i've got a question.

I'm about to upgrade from a 9800 gtx+, which died on me, and i was thinking about buying a 5850.
Currently i'm using a DELL 2208wfp with a native resolution of 1680*1050. Other than gaming, my computer is also used for work. I use the adobe suite (mostly after effects, but also photoshop, premier, illustrator) and XSI.

Is the 5850 too much of an overkill for that resolution?
should i go for a 5770 instead? (5830's price does not convince me)

i'm worrying about being bottlenecked by the low memory buffer of a 5770. How much does that affect this kind of applications?

here are my specs, if they are useful in any way:

ocz flex II 4 gb
2x 750gb western digital black
Intel Q9300
mobo ASUS maximus formula (which i think killed my first card in the first place, overvolts all over the place)
audigy 2
Thermaltake purepower 600W (i think that was it)

on the other hand i was given the choice of either an xfx or msi model (both cost roughly the same). Which do you recommend? i like the detail of dirt 2 on the xfx package.

hanks a lot for the future answers! (and sorry for the rusty english)
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  1. The 5850 is much better than the 5770, and the larger bus will help you nicely. It's not considered overkill for that resolution, more or less 'Top-Of-The-Line'.
  2. is bumping tacky?

    also, i'm new to radeon. How does it work with the applications i mentioned above?
  3. For your resolution, HD5850 is just the right choice, and it much better than HD5770.
    Don't worry about your applications, they will runs just fine on any cards... :)
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