Hard drive goes from 160 gig to 30 gig

Hello,hope you can help.i have had major problems reinstalling xp,i have done this numerous times with no problems whatever.this time is different.i bought a 160 gig h/d and when i went to install windows it asked if i want to format the partistion with nt or fat32 which it has never done before it normally just says ntfc.i did this but it told me i only had about 32gig of free space.i windows up and running but i only have 28gig free.i did a chekdisk in recovery mode and it told me i had unrecoveryable bad sectors.not sure what that means.is there anyway i can get all my space back and reinstall windows again..
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  1. start the windows installation. during the installation delete all partitions on the drive (this will erase all data too) and then create a single new NTFS partition. this will give you maximum space.

    Here are detailed step by step instructions with pictures:
    How Do I Perform a Clean Installation of Windows?
  2. cheers for the reply done that showed one partition about 32 gig.didn't delete it for now.windows working fine just the lack of space doing my head in.i will try again soon...cheers again nicko
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