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Hi, I have an Antec Earthwatt 750w psu. Do you think it would be able to power a Radeon HD 5970? I would really rather not buy another psu, as the 5970 is already very expensive. Thanks ahead for the help, I really appreciate it.
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  1. Antec EA750  	3.3V  	5V  	12V1  	12V2  	12V3  	12V4  	-12V  	5VSB
    25A 	25A 	25A 	25A 	25A 	25A 	0.5A 	3A


    You'll be more than fine.
  2. Will I have enough spare wattage to OC at all? Not that I would need to, at least for a while.
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    The 5970 will at absolute maximum take about 300W of power, and generally even under gaming load will be much lower than that. That still leaves you 450W (granted it won't ALL be on the 12V rails) of headroom left. You'll have plenty of room for OCing and everything.
  4. Nice chard Shadow. To hit ~300W with the 5970, you'd have to run Furmark full tilt for a synthetic situation you'll never see in real life.
  5. Okay, great. Are the amps of the Earthwatt 750 okay though? I've heard that you're supposed to have around 60, but this only has 25 on each +12v rail.
  6. right, it needs 60 A on the 12V rails, but you have 4 rails at 25A each. Granted you can't use all 4 of those maxed at 25A at the same time, but you easily have enough.
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  8. thats sorta what I said jsc- there are 4 x 25A rails, though they can't all be fully loaded at once. Thats the part that gets confusing to me though- part of why I got a PSU with a single 12V Rail- much simpler. Like has been said though, there is plenty of power on those 12V rails to handle a 5970, whatever the case:-)
  9. Okay, I play games at 1920x1080 should I just get a 5870 and eventually crossfire, or go with a 5970 when one is available? I'm not really going to be doing crazy resolutions, or multiple monitors, but I would like to max out games at around 1080p. So is a 5870 enough, or should I go with a 5970?
  10. Yeah- a 5870 should be enough at 1920x1080. Its a pretty darn powerful GPU.
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