Zotac 9800GT Synergy 1 GB vs Zotac GTS250 1 GB

Hi guys. I have an ASUS Vento A9 case, which has a 350W(Rated) and 400W(Peak) PSU in it. My system specs. are;
1) AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ @2.2Ghz
2) 4x1 GB DDR @667Mhz Kingston Ram
3) Asus M2N Motherboard

My friend bought me a Zotac 9800GT Synergy 1GB (Says %40 less power consumption) this week. But when i saw the prices i realized that there isn't much difference between my Zotac 9800GT and Zotac GTS250 1GB. I'm thinking of paying the difference and going for Zotac GTS250. I have some questions,

1) Is it really worth changing 9800GT with GTS250
2) Should i go for the Synergy edition which uses less power (Heard their performances are lower than the usual ones)
3) My PSU seems like enough for 9800GT synergy edition (ECO), do you guys think my PSU would be enough for the usual 9800GT and GTS250 since they use more power than the ECO versions.
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  1. Actually, you should grab an HD5750 or an HD5770. Both use less power than the GTS250, and the HD5770 is better.
  2. GTS250 is substantially better than the 9800GT. The min required for GTS250 is 450watt with 24 amps on the +12volt rail (EVGA spec), if you have the 24 amps it should run.
  3. Avoid all 9800gt that don't have a power connector they often have problems with most new and old boards. The GTS250 is a SAFE bet while the 57X0 is the same. Don't be a nab and research as well choose wisely.
  4. Well my psu is far away from 450W, its a rated 350W as i mentioned above(Asus), then what about changing my 9800GT ECO version with GTS250 ECO Version ? What's the power usage difference between 9800GT ECO and GTS250 ECO ?
  5. Don't be cheap get a new or a used quality psu it solves most of the problems dealing with power. You go from can I run this to being able to run any thing you want or could afford. $50 USD can buy you a decent antec psu.
  6. No matter what you grab Devildo you're going to have extremely reduced performance in order to achieve the ECO. The H5750 and HD5770 will both run off of your PSU just fine.
  7. Well im kinda broke atm and things aint cheap in Turkey :)
  8. An HD5770 should be close to a GTS250. An HD5670 will compete with the 9800GT, possibly beating it. The 9800GT ECO is close to the 9600GT, which the HD5670 is better than.
  9. Go for an ATI card it is the best thing you can do since they don't use that much power and perform very well. I personally use a 3870 for daily use and it is great.
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