hi everyone when i turn on my pc it runs for 15 to 20 mins with out any interrupts after 20mins the system will suddenly turn off, i bought newly one 5770 radeon card with zebronics 450W sata+ PSU..... is this one card or PSU prob.....
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  1. Based on the specs for their 480watt I would guess PSU problem
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    probably the PSU especially if there is a high pitched noise. Could also be a faulty motherboard, but I'd look at that PSU first.
  3. +2. Please don't buy cr@p PSUs and complain about the issues....
    (If your not from US, and there arn't any quality PSUs, that just $ucks)
  4. yah my PC makes lots of noise especially processor fan. starts up slowly........
  5. You are probably tasking the PSU so hard that it slowly heats up until it shuts down.
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