600ish doller Gaming PC build request

Hi! I was wondering if any of you could reccommend a build(just the dektop, i have a moniter, mouse keyboard speakers etc.)

I don't need to run games on max, just would like to be safe and able to run games coming out within the next 2 years on low. my budget is around 600 and i reside in Canada.
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  1. I Dunno Man I Aint Live In Cainadah Butt I Mite Have Da Answa. Its Caalld On The Internet pcpartpicker.com Dis Thing Is A Thing That Shoes Compoota Parts Butt Set Yo Language 1st Or Yo Will Blow Uop Dis Hole Entireh Hemistpere Yo Don't Wanna Do Dat Anyway Just Go On The Fricken Website And PICK YA PARTS AND THEN BUY THEM AND THEN GO SOMEWHERE LIKE FRICKEN CENTREOM AND HIRE SOMEONE TO FRICKEN BUILD YA PC FOR YA AND DONE OK!! Anyway I Hope You Be Happy With That Bai!!
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