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I bought an SSD and did a clean install of w7 on it, and moved what view photos, movies, and music I have onto my sisters external HDD, now I want to delete EVERYTHING off of my WD black, whats the best way of doing this? I was reading about dban but I don't have a free cd to burn that ISO to so thats out of the question. Is there another way to do this? Also when I set my sata ports to AHCI I kept getting boot loops, I had to change it back to IDE to be able to boot from my SSD(never tried ACHI with my HDD), also how do I know if trim is enabled on my SSD?

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    trim is enabled if you are running windows 7. you must install windows 7 with the drive in AHCI mode, you can't change it to AHCI after you installed it in IDE mode without running a fix. theres instructions somewhere on Microsofts site, Google it. or just reinstall correctly since its a new setup.

    there are plenty of windows based drive erasers... again. Google. why you'd think you need to wipe it I don't wanna know
  2. Thanks for pointing out my stupidity and laziness
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