1920x1080 replacing 1920x1200?

I had acer 24in 1920x1200 and fhd2401 gateway @ 1920x1200
sold my acer 1920x1200 after sending it in 2x at $60per each time. just for shipping

Im looking for another fhd2401 for less than $300.. but no luck..

all I keep finding are 24in 25in 26in and even 28in with 1920x1080?

is 1920x1080 the standard res?
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  1. It's becoming more standard because of 1080p. 1920x1200 is a 16:10 resolution, IIRC, and 1920x1080 is a 16:9 resolution, which is the standard widescreen monitor.
  2. Yes- 1920x1080 is the standard 1080p HD resolution, and is quickly becoming standard for computer monitors as well- moving away from the 16x10 more to the 16x9. going to the 1920x1200 adds a lot of extra cost these days
  3. i personally like 16:10 for gaming
  4. It is nice for gaming, but its much less popular as of late, and is much more expensive, which is a bummer as I would love to have it:-p
  5. I personally loved my 1280x1024, I imagine 1600x1200 on a 23'' sq monitor would be pretty fun.

    But nowadays the additional FoV with the widescreen is a necessity to remain competitive in the latest of games.
  6. Have you checked the cost of 16x12 lately? They are becoming as rare as the 1920x1200 res.

    I prefer 16:9 for HTPC and 16:10 for gaming at home, but 4:3 for work. Both of my favorite resolutions are becoming extinct. <sigh> I guess I'll just have to increase the amount of monitors I have :) ( at work at least).
  7. was going to sell my fhd2401
    but..i guess keeping it and buying additional 2x 1920x1080 would be nice.....
  8. Get an HD5870/HD5970 and do some eyefinity with that setup!
  9. @at shadow....
    thats the plan...but im going with Nvdia 480 or 470 since its its cheaper than AMD
  10. Make sure you have good ventilation in your case....
  11. Just so you know ladsoftware- you cannot run more than 2 displays on a single GTX470 or 480. If you want to run eyefinity or similar multi-display setup, you need either 2 GTX 470/480's in SLI, or a single ATI card. Also- not sure how you get that a 470 or 480 is cheaper than AMD as the 5850 is $50 less than the 470, and the 5870 is like $80 less than the 480, plus you only need to get one card for ATI as opposed to needing 2 in SLI for the Nvidia cards.
  12. i actually prefer 1080P for gaming as opposed to 1920x1200

    though it sucks for programming, not enough pixel height
  13. ladsoftware said:
    @at shadow....
    thats the plan...but im going with Nvdia 480 or 470 since its its cheaper than AMD

  14. i thin what ladsoftware was saying is that the 480 is cheaper that the 5970 and the 470 is cheaper than the 5870, which are not the cards that they compete against
  15. 1080P is another way manufacturers can cut corners. They can sell you a 24" monitor but include 10% less pixels while they are at it.
    Getting a 1920x1200 monitor and forcing 1080P while gaming would give you the FOV advantage too but awesome for desktop work.

    Eyefinity doesn't really sound that good. Not many game support it. I seen it played on modern warfare 2 and the two monitors displays walls most of the time and no real action. Games are simpy not designed to display at 48:9 so a lot of screen space gets wasted.

    Now bigger monitors is the way to go. I love 2560x1600. You don't get more FOV but you get a bigger sharper picture. Playing Bad Company 2, 2x the pixels over 1080P makes everything twice as big and twice as easy to shoot from far away. You can get a bigger picture using 6 monitor eyefinity but you get a bezel down the middle so the real step up is 9 monitor eyefinity. Though how does that even work and do they actually make mounts for 9 monitors? I would love to see someone get 9x 2560x1600 monitors just to get 1FPS in crysis lol just for the heck of it. Take a screen shot and call it a day.
  16. 1200p is OP
  17. Rofl- depends on the game and how you use it. Games like Dirt2 are great with that extra FOV, and sure- you may see walls most of the time with MW2 on the sides, but that is what you'd see in real life too, but every now and again, you'll see the guy coming to knife you before you fell the blade, and maybe react to it:-)
    Also- I think the ultimate eyefinity setup would be a 5x1 in portrait, instead of 3x3- you end up back with a narrower FOV.
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