Parts unlikely to drop in price for next ~4 months?

I'm planning on building a new system sometime in August or September. However, I just got a promo code from Newegg for 10% (up to $20) off of an order, but I have to use it in May. I don't really want to build the whole system now, but I'd like to use the promo code. Any advice on which components are least likely to go down in price in the near future (or most likely to go up in price)? I would guess things like case and power supply are pretty stable, so they might be good bets.

If being more specific helps, I figure I'll mostly follow the $750 Gaming PC from March, though I guess a new article will be out by then and I'll use that, too. I do want to be a bit more future-proof, so I'm thinking about a 5770 rather than the two 4850s for DirectX 11. I game, but nothing more intense than BioWare games at 1440x900, and probably won't be getting a new monitor anytime soon, so I figure a 5770 should last me for a while.

Hope that's enough info; I appreciate any advice.
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  1. Hmm based on history i would say Casings and to a certain extent PSUs?
  2. It's 10% off up to $20 thats really not anything to adjust your time-table on.
  3. Gefinately a case.. They don't move in prices at all. Look for something on newegg that already has certain percent off. I suggest the cooler master HAF 922 or 932.
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