Problem with intel 80gb ssd and formatting

I recent recieved an intel 80 gb ssd and i cannot partition it or install windows on it, bios recognizes it as well as device manager but i cannot see it in my computer. i am using a msi 790 g70 amd motherboard thankks again
and it wont b recognized when i start up windows
installer. Anyone have any ideas thanks :)
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  1. You can't do a fresh install of Windows onto the SSD? Are you trying to install Windows 7, Vista or XP?

    If you see it in your BIOS and Device Manager it is there...
  2. im trying to install windows 7 but i am not sure how i can do this, it will not showup from the boot disk but like i said bios and device manager both show it there
  3. You first boot from the CD/DVD to install Windows 7... You will see the option to install the OS on the SSD... You install the OS and once it is installed, you should be able to tell it to boot from the SSD in your BIOS.
  4. when i boot from the dvd it does not let me install or format the ssd
  5. Try the CLEAN command? If that doesn't work, then I'd double-check the SSD connection, and unattach all other drives.
  6. how do i use this Clean command
  7. From the command prompt at boot.
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