Unable to upgrade hard drive in HP notebook

i am trying to install a new hard drive in my old hp 530 notebook (Model # FH523AA). The new drive is a hitachi 250gb 5400rpm 8mb SATA - 300 (HTS545025B9A300) and it already has Windows XP installed on it (It came out of my other notebook.)
The old drive which I want to replace is a Western Digital 120gb SATA - 150 (WD1200BEVS). Before removing it I ran disk sanitizer from my BIOS to wipe out all remaining data.
After installing the new drive the system will not boot up. I am taken to the start up options screen - "Safe Mode" Last Good Configuration" Start Windows Normally" etc. When trying to start windows a blue screen flashes on for half a second then the computer restarts. (I managed to photograph the message displayed on the blue screen - it is a stop error message: "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer..."
I have read many forums and have gathered that there could be a number of different causes for this i.e. BIOS related, Driver related
I have checked my BIOS settings (ROM BIOS v. F.07) and not much is offered there. SATA Native Mode is already enabled. HDD Translation Mode has two settings LBA-assisted or Bit-shift (I have tried changing this setting with no results.) I understand that BIOS can be updated but I am not sure if this is necessary in my situation.
I have searched for system requirements for the drive as well as specs and special instructions for installing a new drive on the notebook and haven't found anything saying that this drive can't work with my system. I have also determined that the hard drive itself is working properly by removing it and installing it again in its original notebook. I'm running out of ideas so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. you can't just stick a drive with windows on it in a different machine. it wont boot, the drivers will be wrong and the license will be invalid. you screwed yourself too since you wiped the HP drive for no reason.

    You will have to wipe the new drive, get your hands on an OEM disk for the version of windows the HP is licensed for of the sticker on the bottom, and reinstall windows with the legal license. OR order restore disks for the HP laptop from HPs support site unless you already have them.
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