4 pin cpu power with 8 pin extension

I I have a power supply and motherboard that both use the 4pin power for the cpu. But i am getting the HAF X next week and it comes with an 8pin cpu power cable extension. would it work if i just plug the 4 pin cable into 4 of the pins on the 8pin extension and plug 4 of the pins on the 8 pin extension to the motherboard? thanks for your help everyone.
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  1. can someone please answer quickly, if this wont work i will go ahead and by a 4pin extension cable for $8 the cheapest. I would much rather save the money and use the included 8pin extension with the haf x case. but i need to know if that will work
  2. if you have 2 different 4 pin connectors in different places then no. But if the 2 4 pin connectors are next to each other then yes.
    Also if you just need 1 4 pin connector then yes the 8 pin will suffice.
  3. yes it will work

    your PSU may even reach without the adapter
  4. thank you so much everyone, no the cable on my psu just reaches it now on a mid tower case, with a micro atx board.
  5. Wait a minute.

    As far as everyone goes, yes, you can use an 8 pin extension with a 4 pin PSU and motherboard if you have enough physical clearance on the motherboard.

    As you look at the motherboard with the CPU power cable facing up, if you have about 1/2" clearance to the left of the motherboard connector, you can use the 8 pin adapter. On a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L, for example, you do not have that clearance.
  6. ^ great point, if you were to have a motherboard in a micro-ATx form than chances are no, you can't.
  7. I have a g31m es2l and there is enough clearance
  8. and it is micro atx
  9. Ok
  10. worse comes to worse, i'll have to rip off the ps2 ports, which i dont use.
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