Graphics card upgrade for a 250W PSU?

I recently hooked up my old pc to my plasma tv in my living room. It has some pretty poor specs, so i decided to upgrade a little bit. I currently have a NVIDIA GeFoce 6100 built in graphics and was going to upgrade to something a bit newer, but i only have a 250W PSU and i want to upgrade to something a bit more powerfull. Is there any decent graphics card that could run on such low power or will i have to upgrade my PSU to a 350W or higher?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. An HD5670 will run fine on your PSU (pulls less than 30 watts during high-end gaming (not FURMARK) ), and give you unmatched performance for the power it uses.
  2. The thing is i'm not sure how much power iv'e got going spare, is there any way of telling how much power my current components are using?
  3. You can use a wattage meter, or you can post your system specs here.
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