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Alright just realized something. My psu isn't sli certified but it does have enough 6 pin pcie connectors. You know if I could use it to SLI? or do i have to get a new one?

Here's my psu... [...] &cp=1&lp=1

People say it doesn't last long either so might get a new one because of that too. I have had it for about 11 months now with no problems.
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  1. Your link is incomplete, so we can't answer you without more details on the PSU
  2. It says best buy and Rocket, so I'm assuming its a rocketfish PSU. I have yet to see a single good review of them. I'd toss it and get a good PSU. What cards are you planning on CF/SLIing?
  3. SLI certification for PSU's is largely meaningless.

    You need two things: enough connectors and enough 12 volt current.

    And Rocketfish PSU's are, well, excessively mediocre.
  4. gts 250's and yes i know that i was going to get a new one later but was just wondering if i could sli with it and heres the link
  5. nvm the link won't work but its a rocketfish 700 watt and it has 2 6 pin connectors but attatched to the same line and the gts 250 only requires 1 connector
  6. Not the point? I've seen 2 or 3 reviews of rocketfish PSUs. They have performed poorly. Read.

    Some of my favorite quotes include;

    Once we release the screws securing the fan to the housing we know one thing about the Huntkey factory immediately; there are no pieces of scrap metal on the floor as all of them have made their way into this unit to be used as “heatsinks.”...there was apparently a sale on caulk as there is caulk everywhere. Usually, this caulk is used to secure components to the PCB but here it looks like a baker frosting the top of the capacitors...In the final regular test at 120v all the DC output voltages dropped including the 5v which is now firmly out of specification. The unit’s efficiency has also dropped to 76% while the exhaust temperature has spiked to 79c...The other unit ran for a couple of minutes then gave a "pop" but kept running for another minute before shutting off.

    Keep in mind this is the same "700"W PSU you are currently running. Rocketfish might make cases people like, but their PSUs need a LOT of work.
  7. Yeah I got it because it was like $50 off at the time and I didn't know and it was too late when i found out. Major buyers remorse there. It just failed on me. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT! Lasted me like 9 months though xD So any recommendations for psu's? no price limit but will dual sli with 2 gts 250's eventually. Any site.
  8. Antec EarthWatts EA-650 or Corsair CMPSU-750TX, if you plan to maybe move up to the GTX 470/465 (When released) down the road.
  9. I bought the Corsair CMPSU-750TX. It works great thank you.
  10. If someone recommended the CMPSU-750TX in this thread please mark them as the best answer :)
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