SSD and HDD - How to install programs on both?


I have just installed a Intel 520 SSD (120GB) on my system, i installed a fresh windows 7 onto the ssd and have then re-connected up my HDD.

What I am looking at doing is using the SSD for OS & all programs I use mainly. But I also want to be able to download other programs that won't get used much and probs unistall after a while onto HDD, when I install them do I just change it to the correct drive or not? Because the HDD won't have a program files folder will it and it won't appear up in the programs list to unistall?

Hope that makes sence, to sum it up I want to know how to use both ssd & hdd to install programs.

Thanks :)
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  1. I just make a program files folder on my HDD. Then when I install, I pick the advanced install option to pick the destination folder. In this case the program files folder I made on my HDD. Uninstalling from control panel will still work for the programs you install into that folder. Hope this helps.
  2. BTW, when you installed Windows on your SSD did you change IDE to AHCI in the bios first? If not, you will not see the full speed of your SSD. Alot of people make this mistake, so I figured I'd ask.
  3. thanks for reply sincreator, yeah i checked after i did install but it was already set to that so its all good.

    Just about to sort out hdd, reformat it and then pc will be back to normal but with a ssd, although it something seems to be making a bit of a noise now and then in case in short bursts think its fan or psu no idea why
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