Best cpu between i7 930, 940 and Xeon w3520

I’m going to buy one of these and i want to be sure i choose the best of them since they are all now almost at the same price, i need it mostly for 3ds max rendering, but I’m also interested in gaming performance.

I have never overclocked anything before but it doesn’t mean in not going to eventually.... I know 930 and w3520 are both D0 so they are better for this porpoise, but isn’t the multiplier in the 940 a more important feature in terms of performance?

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  1. for what you are using them for, you might not need any of them. anyway, they are all close to the same thing. The 940 has a measly 133 MHz increase in speed, so 1 multiplier difference. The i7 950 is dropping down to 930 price very soon, so if you really want it, wait for that. However the 930, 940, and 950 will all overclock to the exact same frequency, and they are all the exact same cpu. the w3520 is a server cpu, but overall the exact same thing as the 920. although server cpus generally are a tad more stable, and run at higher heat, but can also tolerate a higher amount of heat. all in all, id say either go with a 1090T or i7 930.
  2. Xeon W3520 = i7 920 with a locked QPI ratio which is important for overclocking.

    The i7 940 is a i7 930 C0 which overclocks worse and produces larger amounts of heat than the i7 930.

    Out of all of those, go for the i7 940 if you're not overclocking, i7 930 if you are.
  3. Xeons are best in multi processor setups.. In single processor systems however, the i7 930 will easily outperform it.. 3DS Max can take advantage of hyper threading so sticking with Intel is good here.. Moreover, LGA 1366 is a better workstation+gaming platform.. If you cannot wait for the i7 950 price drops then get the i7 930..
  4. yeah, overally, id say buy the i7 930. the 940 is just pre overclocked a small amount, but also runs hotter. the 930 can just oc to that level, as neither are black edition.
  5. is it provable for 950's price to drop before august 10? if not, it is not an option cause someone is bringing it to me from the us to colombia around the 15, so i need to order it from amazon before that date.

    and another question: ¿is it posible to take an i7 930 to the performance of a 940 easily with stock cooling? and if it does, is the Evga ftw3 a good motherboard for that purpose?

    sorry for my english, i havent practice it for a long time...
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    your english is better than most people on this forum :lol: and no, im not sure when the price will drop, but the 10th is cutting it pretty close. and the 930 can easily get to atleast 3 GHz on stock, so yes. ftw3 is a good board, other in its price range are P6X58D-E from asus and gigabyte ud3r.
  7. thanks a lot for your answers, i think im gonna go for the 930 and try to overclock it a little :)
  8. thats the smartest move.
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