Improper Shutdown = broken hardware?

Hello, I build a PC in Mach and it was working perfectly until now, a few days ago I reinstalled Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and everything worked nicely. Yesterday, I lost power and my pc was shut down improperly. I turned it back on and it seems to boot fine but for some reason I get random Blue screens, freezes, browser crashes etc. My computer almost never crashed before but after the power outage, it stopped working properly. Can you guys give a few tips on how to troubleshoot or find the issue?
I have a feeling that my old sata 1 160gb seagate hard drive might be to blame and since it is so outdated compared to the rest of the pc, I ordered a WD Caviar Black but it will come in a week or so and I need a working computer until then.

Any help appreciated.

MSI p55 GD65
Core i7 860 @2.8
Gskill 4gb 1600 RAM
OCZ 700w PSU
XFX 9600GT

Win7Pro 64 bit
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  1. What BSOD are you receiving?
  2. I'm not sure, usually a blue screen appears for a second or two and my pc restarts automatically. Are these errors stored in a log file or something?
  3. Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery -Settings uncheck automatically restart.
  4. Power outages can cause a lot of problems with computers. The BSOD error code could help figuring out what the problem is.
  5. It would be safe to say the outage did some damage to the hard drive.
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