Is Amd Athlon II x4 630 can run the most hardcore game now?

Can amd athlon x4 630 run the most high games in a high fps. where you are satisfied?
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  1. look at the other post i made. yes, the x4 630 is a very capable cpu. however, it is to the point where no matter how much faster the cpu is, its all about the gpu. if you pair it with a capable gpu, like a 5850, yes, it will play a lot of games at high quality and fps (depending on the game and resolution). however if its with say a 4850, it wont be as capable.
  2. wht about th themprtr?? is't true at full load at 50 c???
  3. it depends on the cooler, but 50 c at full load is actually pretty good temps.
  4. Overclocked to 3.5Ghz on a cheap Hyper TX3($20 on newegg) I only hit 49C folding@home.
  5. yeah, id recommend this:

    but the TX3 is a pretty good cooler.
  6. Hey loneninja, want to ask if you reach 49c on loading or idle, and how does it compare from the original clock to 3.5 coz i'm planning to overclock my x4 630 to 3.5 and buy a hyper tx3 2!
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