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Networking issue with Gigabyte motherboard

After a recent power outage I'm having some issues with network connectivity on my primary desktop machine (uses Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R board). I verified my router was still functioning and I verified a proven connection to my laptop is working. This same connection (same cable) doesn't work on my primary machine. When booting my primary machine now (with the Gigabyte board), the connection lights at the RJ45 connector briefly turn on, but once I have booted into Windows there is no green connection light visible. Rebooting multiple times doesn't fix, nor does fully powering down router, cable modem, and PC and then rebooting. Win 7 based troubleshooting tools can't identify the issue either.

I'm concerned I may have a dead network interface on my board. Besides just getting a new NIC and installing it, is there anything else I could to try to resuscitate this network adapter? Any thoughts are appreciated- thanks!
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  2. Thanks, I downloaded and installed package....after experimenting for a while longer went to Device Manager under Network adapters and noticed network adapter was disabled. How it was disabled I have no idea, but once I re-enabled my network is up again. The system saw a power outage while in hibernate mode- maybe the adapter was disabled in hibernate and was not re-enabled due to the unexpected power down.

    In any event, thanks for recommending the diagnostic package, it will come in handy!
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