Re-route optical drive eject button

I'm planning on stealthing all my optical drives... for those of you unfamiliar with this process, it involves replacing the optical drive's cover and bezel with one of the drive-bay covers from the case.

Most people just tape the drive bay cover on to the front, but I'm trying to do something more elegant and professional by re-wring each eject button to a momentary switch on the outside of the case.

I've seen several youtube videos in which they just solder two wires to pins on the drive's circuit board and connect them to the switch.

Has anybody done this before/come across any guides concerning the re-routing of wires?
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  1. Have you any experience with soldering? If yes then its easy to do but if no do no try it
  2. I can tell you how to do it or send you an email on how to do it but you will need some experience in soldering
  3. Yeah... I have soldered before. I wouldn't think about messing around with an expensive drive bay if i hadn't
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