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I had a question fior you guys. I have a gaming computer I built with two drives in it. One is an SSD with the OS and drivers installed on it. The other is a 1TB HDD with the games installed. What I wanted to know is if you have a virus on the SSD will reformatting and doing a fresh install of Windows 7 on the SSD get rid of any viruses that a AV program doesn't pick up on?
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  1. yes, formatting the drive will wipe it of all data including any viruses that may be lurking on it.
  2. If the virus has managed to get on the hdd than you would need to clean that as well. A restore point may be an easier solution otherwise a good av scan should work too. If the av program didn't pick it up then you shouldn't be using such an awful program.
  3. Well I'm using Avast and Malwarebytes, Avast for viruses and of course Malwarebytes for malware Trojans and backdoor root kits. I did have 2 verses and no malware. Avast found them quickly and put them in quarantine however I still feel the computer is not right. I don't know if the virus corrupted something like the registry or drivers or something. I guess a virus can do enough damage that even after it’s gone the damage was done.
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