Black Screen w/ Sound SLI GTX 260

I have a system with 2 gtx 260 216 core pny graphics cards. I can play any game in windowed mode fine. All of my games now start in windowed mode by default. When i press alt+enter to force fullscreen, the screen goes black and all i hear is audio. I can only exit the black screen if i unplug and replug the dvi cable from my card. I can still play games in fullscreen by unplugging and replugging but this is a huge hassle i never had to deal with before. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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  1. also wanted to add that my pc boots to a black screen instead of the login screen until i unplug and replug.
  2. Has the system just recently started doing this or has it been a persistant thing?
  3. It just recently started, ever since SLI. Also want to add that i am able to use 3dmark06 no problem with great speed enhancements over single gpu. My computer will not go to sleep, the monitor will turn off, but the pc stay on, forcing a hard shutdown.

    Thanks for the help!
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