Secondary SATA drive problem after disk clone

I recently cloned my system drive from a 250 GB Seagate to a 500 GB Seagate because the original drive was having some sector errors and we also needed more disk space.

The cloning process was fine and everything on the new 500 GB drive works, but now my secondary SATA drive (a 1 TB Hitachi) suddenly shows as a dynamic disk and is not appearing correctly. I cannot access any of the files. In the Windows Disk Management window it shows as "Disk 1", "Dynamic" and "Foreign". (I am running Windows XP Media Center.)

I desperately need the files on this drive. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

(note...I did briefly handle the drive (carefully) because I used the spot it was in during the cloning process. After the cloning process I returned the drive to it's original position/connections. Maybe it was damaged when we handled it? I've checked and rechecked that the connections are seated properly)

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  2. The drive shows up under disk management as "Foreign". When I right click no the drive it gives me the option to "Import foreign drives". Would this help? I'm afraid to try - I don't want to lose my data.

  3. Problem fixed. It turns out I did need to select the "Import Foreign Disk" option under Disk Management and add the disk. All is fine now. Thanks.
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