hello all
sorry to bother anyone but i need help and i don't know were to go.
my story
i just built a new pc these are the following items
-vga-XFX HD-489X-ZSFC
-cpu-intel i7 930
-mb-asus p6x580 pre
so every thing was running fine until my graphic card started to Scrabble my images.
XFX HD-489X-ZSFC - when ever i install the lattes driver or any driver windows 7 will load and it would look scramble. the weird part is that when ever i go into safe-mode my display is normal. nothing changes but when i load windows normally everything looks bad
built on 3.30.10 problem started 4.15.10
(i don't understand, when i built it i use the lattes driver and it work till today in the morning i started to use 3d max and it went bad any one with any idea on what i can do please help me finals are around the corner and deadlines are coming. also if i don't install the update it runs so so meaning the images are stretch and i can not use my 2 monitors)

o yeah everything was purchase in new egg. if any one suggest a return.
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  1. Hello...

    What about the temps? Did you checked it? It could be an overheating...
    Did u try with the older version of driver? The one which came in the CD with the card?
  2. wa1 thank you for the reply. i did check the temp and its the same as the original day i made the purchase. the temperature stay the same on a long run (3days on rendering)

    and ihave tried all drivers old, new, beta.. and all end up in the same conclusion.

    i do not think its a over heating problem. if it was it should have shutdown. what is strange the card will run normal in safe mode but in regular mode it would scramble my images. gpu rendering run normall aswell.

    do you suggest anything better than this card?
  3. If your card is fine when u run from safe mode then it must be the driver itself.
    Umm, have another computer? U can try your card there...
    If u still find no luck then it would be a good time to RMA it to get a replacement.

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