A budget gaming pc

ok i want to build a computer for games. but i'm worried about bottlenecks... i was hoping anyone can give me hand for making a list.

Preferred cpu:amd

Motherboard brand:asus, gigabyte, elitegroup or msi

video card brand Preferred: ATI (maybe can get crossfired for future)

memory ram: 4 or 6gb

power supply unknown.

online store preferred: newegg

country: USA

budget price:$ 850 or $800
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  1. Monitor resolution? Operating System?
  2. http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=18457808

    Without combos this takes you to $771.

    Leaves you money to ship, and swap out for brand preference.

    With Win7 64 bit you're over budget @ 871
  3. win 7. umm i dont know about the montior resolution i guess it's 22' inch tv.
  4. i checked the list. i dont need the case. i have a case, Haf922
  5. Replace the cost of the case with Win7 64 bit :)
  6. i have changed the plan. next month i will have $1000. so we have to remake the list for budget gamer pc.
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