Issue with new Corsair dominator GT


I have just purchased a Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz 8-9-8-20 6GB kit.

My system is 1 year old and has:
Gigabyte X58A-UD5 (rev.1)
CPU intel i7 930
(old ram) Corsair XMS3 6GB kit 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 with XMP profile1 enabled on bios
Corsair 850W powering the system

I have the following issue:

While I installed the new Ram i recieved this morning and booted on defaults (using the standard 1066Mhz setting for ram) the PC boots and works. However, when I enabled the XMP profile and the Ram was set to 2002mhz some things changed for my CPU also and the QPI link was at 5.4 instead of 4.8 as it was before and the clock is set to 20x instead of 21x, together with a bunch of changes.

With that, my pc won't boot and the motherboard's small panel show the code "86" instead of "ff". I have been unable to find anything about error 86, its not even on the motherboard's manual.

Anyone has a hint of what is wrong?
If you are going to tell me that I will have to manually OC the ram to 2000mhz , please give me the values as i will fail doing that myself.

Also, I am getting an i7 980x in a month or so. Will the XMP profile work then?

I would be greatful for any hint you may give me.

Thank you,
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  1. I wanted to add that I have read a thread posted some time ago about the same problem with the same RAM but with asus rampage and and i7 950, so this doesnt help me too much on how to make a stable setup for my own system.
  2. Of course I could not wait so here is what i tried and what works for now:

    I placed my old ram back on, turned on and used the XMP profile that worked at 1600mhz.

    I closed the pc, placed the new ram and didnt update anything on the bios, but only went to look at it without saving. Now the new ram works at 2000mhz (SPD) but on the right side number it says 1866(under the Auto). The CPU itself is working at 21x and BLCK of 133 just as before and everything is normal, everything else is on Auto.

    Only thing i dont know if the ram multiplier of 14x mentioned is good or it will burn my ram... please someone confirm its safe. (As the tRAS is 25, and not 24)

    The latency timing on the main screen of the bios says 8-9-8-25.
    tRRD is 7
    tWTP is 25
    tRFC 98 (never seen so high)
    tCMD 2

    I will be waiting for someone to tell me if its ok or not,


    All voltages are normal (as they were on old ram).
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