I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, if necessary please move.

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with my sisters computer (specs below), in the last couple of days they have been having difficulty getting the pc to boot. (Boots randomly) When we try to power it on, the led fans go on, but no other activity. I took it apart, thinking it may be an issue with their gpu. I removed the part and connected the monitor to the built-in vga - no go. Not even the tell-tale power on beep. I unplugged the hdd / odd, and behold I got to the bios! (Square one atlast). I plug the other devices in, wont boot again. I unplugged everything (leaving just the ram) thinking I can get back to square one, wont boot.

I am right in thinking it is likely the psu? I am getting confused because the led fans still turn on when I press the power button.

[cpu] Sempron LE 1250
[mb] Emaxx MCP61
[ram] Kingston Valueram 1gb
[hdd] Maxtor 320gb sata
[odd] LG DVDRW
[gpu] Emaxx 7200gs
[psu] GENERIC '600w' POS which came with the case

Thanks in advance! ~ Prince
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  2. Thanks for the link, it is absolutely what I needed. :)
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  4. Ha no problem, if you are still stuck come back here and we can run through anything else I can think of. But that list has fixed MANY no boot issues.
  5. Update: confirmed it was the power supply, swapped it out for a new one. Thanks!
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