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I've been experiencing some weird stuttering with my system lately. From what I've found, this is most likely caused by inadequate power from the PSU. I currently have a 550W Rosewill PSU that seemed to be doing quite well. I have no equipment to test the unit outside of my case. My system hardware is as follows:

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 3.16 GHz
RAM: Patriot DDR2 800 @ 948 MHz
HDD: 160GB WD (OS), 250 GB WD (storage), 150 GB Raptor (Games)
Mobo: Abit IP35 Pro
GPU: MSI 8800 GTS 512MB with about 8-10% OC

As you can see I have overclocked the system quite a bit and have multiple HDD in it. Most recent overclock was the GPU, and the stuttering started after that. I reverted the overclock and the problem went away. I used MSI's Kombuster software and the GPU was stable at the OC I used. What I'm reading around Tom's Forum is that Rosewill makes poor quality PSU's, so I'm thinking that the unit I have just can't handle the load. Here's the question: In my search for a quality PSU, I've chosen this Seasonic unit as a replacement.

Have I made a good decision with this brand and wattage? If not, could you inform me of a better brand or wattage that I should be looking at? Thanks.
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  1. excellent choice, its a very good quality PSU.

    to be honest though, you dont need to spend so much.

    more watts is better of course, so that will be a great PSU. but a decent corsair PSU such as this would power the system fine, and costs only 50 dollars after rebate.

    but if you are fine with the pricetag, the seasonic unit you have chosen will run your system very well.
  2. The reason I chose this Seasonic 750W was because power supply estimators put my estimated Watt usage at around 540W, and I thought that the Rosewill unit wasn't cutting it. I'm glad to know I made a good decision regarding the PSU, though, it leaves room to upgrade later and I (hopefully) won't have to worry about failures.
  3. i doubt your system would draw that much power. the corsair unit should be capable of powering any single GPU setup. its actually capable of supplying more watts than rated for (corsair do this to get higher efficiency ratings)

    but yeah, more watts is usually better. and the seasonic unit is an excellent choice.
  4. Thanks for your advice, I'll be sure to keep that info for single GPU setups in mind. :)

    I think next summer I'll be retiring my C2D machine and build an AM3 Phenom II X4 machine, with the option of SLI. That'll make good use of my new PSU.
  5. Sounds like a good option.

    good luck with it.

    (oh and feel free to select a best answer, don't usually like to ask, but been missing out on a lot lately, and trying to get my rank up :))
  6. It's a discussion or I surely would give you that just reward. :)
  7. oh, never mind then :lol:
  8. welshmousepk said:
    oh and feel free to select a best answer, don't usually like to ask

    Well that's uncool imo

    welshmousepk said:
    trying to get my rank up :))

    We all try to do that. It's only human :ange:
  9. ksampanna said:
    Well that's uncool imo

    We all try to do that. It's only human :ange:

    like i said, i dont like too. but lately a huge number of threads in which i am the only person offering help, end without a best answer being selected. i wouldn't ever suggest a person selects my answer, but most newcomers aren't even aware of the best answer system.
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