I7 Rig Slower Than Phenom 2 rig??

Ok so I used to have a phenom 2 x4 965 be system build about 2 weeks ago. After falling for all the hype I have been hearing about the core i7 processor I decided to sell my AMD system and build me an i7 rig. I was sooo damn excited even though my phenom rig seemed like a damn monster I figured this would be faster. Well to my dismay I have to say I am quite unhappy with this sytem. By no means am I saying this build is slow it is really fast! The thing is though my phenom seemed faster. it seemed my AMD sytem was alot more responsive and snappier in alot of applications within windows 7. My games seemed to run smoother; my boot up time was faster; my work within photo shop is pretty much the same speed but no faster. I actually got more FPS in games with my AMD sytem. The difference with this one though is it cost me around $1200 to build and my AMD was only like $800. I will say I do alot of benchmarks with this chip and it does seem to get better scores than my phenom did but other than that I feel, well, cheated? IDK I was jus twondering if neone else has experienced something like this or am I alone here?? I did always keep my phenom around 4ghz cause it OCed really well but so does my i7 I have it sitting pretty at 3.9ghz. It just doesnt seem any faster in fact a bit slower in everything except benchmarks. Im running the exact same specs on both systems except for the processors and ram. I got triple channel ddr3 6 gb for my i7. In my AMD i had 8gb ddr3 dual channel. I doubt the extra 2 gigs of ram made any difference. I run a 4890 graphics card. Please can anyone relate to my situation I know everything is functioning properly.
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  1. Wall of text hard to read.

    Sounds like its a hard drive difference, not a CPU issue.

    What were the 2 hard drives, specifically
  2. I actually used a seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB hard drive in both systems.
  3. Do you have any hardware monitoring software open? Even Task Manager can monitor your cores and memory usage.
  4. Yes sir everything in the sytem is running just fine there is nothing wrong that I can tell that would be hindering performance. All I am saying is for some reason my AMD system seemed quite a bit "snappier" than my current rig. Better benchies for sure but in all the usual real world apps that i use it seems either the same or even a bit slower. Not sure why I mean this system is by no means slow whatsoever it just seems a tiny bit less responsive in alot of apps I usually use. I guess that is the only way I can explain my situation is that the phenom just seemed a bit faster.
  5. maybe the ran is a problem can you specify which brand and cl?
  6. and how does an i7 cost 400dollars more than a 965?? ussually its like 150
  7. Somebody_007 said:
    and how does an i7 cost 400dollars more than a 965?? ussually its like 150

    The processor itself costs $150 more. The RAM costs about an additional $50-75. The motherboard could easily cost around $100 more. That's $300 right there, without factoring in any other components, possible sales, or better quality parts in the i7 build.
  8. yeah but the amd build had more ram so that would be 50dollars less and I assumed you got the i7 from microcenter. If that isn't the case then I understand.
  9. although it would stil only be around 200 more even from newegg
  10. Correct me if Im wrong. But I was under the impression that most applications dont even fully utilize the i7 6core.

    The only thing I've heard it really effects is multi-tasking and video rendering (and even adobe photoshop doesnt utilize the entire core set)

    and it may possibly effect CPU intensive Games like GTA (which can often bottleneck performance with GPUs)
  11. I think hes talking about a lower end i7 like the 930
  12. Somebody_007 said:
    I think hes talking about a lower end i7 like the 930

    that would make more sense :sweat: My bad
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