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Will GTX260 in SLI be able to give out HDMI audio out via the convertor component?
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  1. As far as I know, no. A DVI -> HDMI does not give sound, nor does an HDMI -> DVI.
  2. Well see thats the thing, according to different sources it does and does not.
    What I read for the "it does" part is:
    Connect SP-Dif from your mobo to your videocard with an spdif cable and use a dvi-hdmi convertor on your dvi port and it should work.
    Weird enough people keep saying different things and on top of that I'm looking to build a sli system and need to know if audio works then?
  3. Sorry for double post, it doesn't let me edit anymore:
    Found on the link below:
    Many cards these days that don't feature HDMI onboard have an adapter for taking one of the DVI ports and converting it to HDMI. Both connection types carry the same video signal, so making an adapter is easy - and if the card manufacturer wants to have audio over the HDMI adapter as well they simply take a couple of the unused pins on the DVI connection and send audio through those.

    Since nVidia GPUs don't have audio processing built-in, a pass-through is used from the motherboard's audio. It is usually a two-wire digital connection from a header on the motherboard to a plug on the card, and the cable is generally included with the card if it also includes a HDMI adapter. In the case of cards with two DVI outputs and an HDMI adapter you will sometimes see one of the ports color-coded to match the adapter; in those cases, that DVI port has special wiring to allow the audio signal to pass through (the other port may not).

    Now I need to know will this work in sli?
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