Second Life & Radeon HD 5770 or 5750

Does anyone know whether these cards work with Second Life - they seem to be currently unsupported (as do most of the more recent cards), but I am assuming that they probably do work. I would just like some advice before I buy my new system.
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  1. My wife uses integrated graphics and they work I would think any card would work with second life
  2. Well, I use integrated graphics right now and they work, really badly, so you would think so, but there are known problems with some graphics cards and second life doesn't officially support a lot of the newer cards - just wondering if anyone has had experience with these cards.
  3. Linden Lab says, in their system requirements, that some cards may not work, though most of them will work. Even the Intel Extreme Graphic that they say is incompatible also work [with a poor performance obviously].

    Recently they updated the system requirements in the web page adding the ATI 5000 series, however when logging into Second Life with an ATI 5870 the viewer still do not recognise it, saying you have an incompatible card. Nonetheless It works! You should have no problems with either 5770 or 5750.
  4. Also, make sure you purchase a good cpu. SL many times is more dependant on the cpu than it is on the gpu. Go with a quadcore if you can.

    Little Lost Linden
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