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Hello to all … I have several PC2700/333 1Gb sticks and have tried them all, in every combination possible using the 3 slots of my KT6 Delta-LSR mobo, but every combination (using all three slots) eventually reports errors during any given test run when testing the memory with 'GoldMemory v5.07' after booting to my Hiren's Boot CD v10.02.
>(Key point being that each individual stick appear to be healthy. i.e.: All good source material.)

I've read and re-read the options in the KT6 Delta-LSR manual about the possible variations for populating the either two or all three slots, as well as information provided on Kingston’s, Corsair’s, Crucial’s, and other websites, but I guess I'm still just missing something although I have no idea what it could be.

All these PC2700 1Gb sticks have chips on both sides of them, thus being "Double-sided", right? (Gawd, forgive me for even having asked that as an actual question). Well the manual in one scenario refers to a max utilization of only 4 of the 6 available banks (2/slot) depending upon use of either the 333's or 400's. So my current suspicion at this point is that perhaps at least two of the three sticks are going to have to be not only PC2700/333, but also "Single-Sided". But after two days of searching, trying to find "Single-Sided" PC2700 1Gb sticks that I can purchase, I can't find any, leading me to believe that I'm wrong about that part as well.

In summary: I desperately just want to take my KT6 Delta mobo up to its 3Gb possible max of usable RAM. Simple as that.

So ... Does anyone by chance know specifically what it is that I need to do to succeed in this quest?
I can’t begin to tell you how very appreciative I would be for any insite any of you might have.

Thanks to all in advance,
Dan A.
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  1. Please correct me if I have mistaken your motherboard. Notice the last line in the Main Memory area, I know it's for DDR400 but it wouldn't hurt to give 2 double sided a try and a single side.

    MSI KT6 Delta-LSR (MS-6590) (2003)

    Main Memory
    • Supports six memory banks by using three 184-pin DDR SDRAMs
    • Supports up to 3GB memory size
    • Supports DDR400/DDR333/DDR266/DDR200 DDR SDRAM
    Note: PC3200 (DDR400) maximum 4 banks (2 double-sided) only

  2. Thanks for the quick reply Youngster! You got the mobo info exactly right. I just can't seem to find any single-sided pc2700 1g sticks to buy to be able to give that scenario a try. Any ideas on where I might find a couple? (Most preferably new ... I'm not real confident about buying used electronics).
    Thanks again ...
  3. Best bet would be to shop in person at a local shop (either Best Buy or local computer shop, w/e works best) and see if they have any in stock you could take a look at.

    Did a little bit more digging too and I keep coming up with that same warning that if double sided is used that the third slot is disabled.

    After reading the pages for a few minutes, you can do x2 Single Sided and x1 Double sided that would be 4 banks of memory and that would cap you out. But as far as shopping online for Single Sided, that's going to be a little rough as quite a few sellers don't mark the RAM as single or double...

    Technical Information for MSI KT6 Delta/KT6 Delta-SR/KT6 Delta-LSR (MS-6590 ver2.0):

    standard memory:
    0MB (Removable)
    maximum memory:
    1GB using 400MHz DDR modules
    3GB using 266 and 333MHz DDR modules

    expansion memory:
    3 Socket

    bank schema:
    Empty Empty Empty

    cpu & chipsets:
    AMD Athlon XP VIA Apollo KT600
    AMD Athlon VIA Apollo KT600
    AMD Duron VIA Apollo KT600
    bus architecture:

    This system only supports 4 banks of memory. If two double sided DIMMs are used, the 3rd socket is disabled.

    Note: The "Bank Schema" describes the original memory configuration of this device, as well as the sockets available for upgrade.
  4. Yeah, I think you may be right. I might just have to bite-the-bullet and pay the exorbitantly higher price of a local shop. But if I’m able to actually find any single-sided modules, I can just whip out my iPhone and scan them with my ‘RedLaser’ app which would allow me to store the actual SKU info for that (now verified) item. Then I could just come back home and order it from wherever I really wanted to.

    Thanks again for the quick replies. I’ll come back and let everyone know if I’m able to find any single-sided and where, but more importantly whether or not it ultimately resolves my issue.

    *Sorry ‘bout callin' you "Youngster" in the previous post. I see now that you're handle is actually Antikythera013. Dang newbies! ;-p

    Later ...
  5. Haha no worries! but yeah that would be your best bet by a long shot, local shops usually charge a 1.3 or 1.5 increase rate, online would be muuuuch cheaper.

    Let me know how that new setup works when you get it running!
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