Being practical which card will you buy 5770 or 5850??

hi guys i just want to survey the 2 cards feel free to post

thank you :D :D :D
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  1. I voted HD5850 because I play at 1920 x 1080 and like to slap on the eye candy :)

    I guess if you can live without max settings and/or your resolution is lower then a HD5770 would be fine.

    Although if you live in America then a GTX470 is a pretty good deal.
  2. I voted the 5770 b'coz i have it an d i loooove it!
  3. Yep, as you can see from the above posters, it depends on what monitor you have, what games you play, and how you expect it to perform. Both are excellent cards can good for the money.
  4. 1680x1050 resolution or below ---> 5770
    above 1680x1050 res ----> 5850 or if you already have a 5770 add a second !!
    Would be what I would do if being practical (both from a performance and cost perspective) and trying to stay on a budget !
  5. i didnt vote since my option isn't on there

    "no, i already have a powerful enough graphics system" since i have CF4870 1GB
  6. I voted the 5850 because it gives a balance between the powerful 5870 and 5970 and the lower 5770. It is a right balance in performance and price.
  7. I don't believe in cards that cost more than $200. Therefore I choose HD5770 but since I wont buy a card just yet (have HD4890 = $180 when bought) I might buy a HD5850/70 when they drop down to $200.
    Staying with the 200$ limit has allowed me some good game play through the years.
  8. I just cannot justify dropping the performance or going with a 128Bit bus. In fact I would take a HD4870/4890 over a HD5770 even if it meant no DX11 for the time being.
  9. The price point for these cards are 2 to 1, so the question should be; "Would you buy two 5770, or a 5850?". I bought two 5770s, and didn't vote.
  10. I chose 5770 because it fits my budget, my gaming settings, and my work demands.
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