Phenom II 720 bottleneck?

For gaming purposes:

I want to upgrade to a 5850 or 5870, but I'm unsure if my current cpu (Phenom II 720 unlocked x4 @ 3.2) will bottleneck my system. I was reading a FFXIV website when I found ingame benchmark scores for gpu/cpu configurations - see below (this is what made me think I will be bottlenecked).

I could upgrade to a Phenom II 965, but all I will be getting is a few more mhz (as far as I know), will that even help, or worth throwing out my current gpu?

Current system:
Processor: Phenom II X3 BE 720 - Unlocked x4 @ 3.2 ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
Graphics: IceQ 1gb 4870" class="img lazy">
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  1. If there is a bottleneck, it will be marginal.

    3 cores should be plenty for the game, and is certainly fine for the GPU.
  2. ok thank you

    Get a chance to look at those benchmarks by chance? Results are weird, ppl with same gpu getting far better scores with better cpus.

    Scores are from a downloadable benchmark utility for a anticipated MMORPG coming out in a month. So might not be portraying what actual ingame graphics/performance will be.

    It will be nice to let ppl know on certain forums to not worry, alot of ppl are worried they will need to upgrade their cpu >.<
  3. i tend not to trust pre-release game benchmarks. and i rarely trust random scores posted on the internet either. you never know whats really going on with a persons system.

    The very fact that this is an MMO makes me think its not going to need much of a system. a lot of people seem worried about this one, but im sure it will be fine.
  4. didn't evemn spot that.

    very right. there wouldn't even be a worthwhile upgrade available to you.
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