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Hello all,
Browsing through previous threads i know that some of you will be able to help me.
I am planning on building my first laptop this summer with a budget of 1500-2000 euro. The majority of what i will be doing will be gaming, programming, playing music and browsing the web.I dont know exactly what parts i need for a laptop so if you could post a full list of parts (mobo,hard drive, etc.) that you would recommend for me, I couldnt tell you how gratefull I'd be. I need a pretty good graphics card and hard drive so could you please consider that in your answer. Also i would like to have the possibility of upgrading/changing some parts if possible.
Thank you all looking forward to hearing from you,
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  1. Not to completely discourage you, but it's basically impossible to build a laptop. Most of the parts aren't readily avaiable. Actually, outside of the HDD, RAM, optical drive, battery pack and wireless card, I can't think of a single place to buy laptop components. I know that these parts are crazy expenisve. You'd get a better machine (and certainly with higher quality) if you just went out and bought a laptop.

    Unless of course you're using laptop to mean any computer...
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