Plz suggest a grafix card..

i have bought a pc.. with 2.8 ghz e7400. 4gb 800 ram..asus p5kpl amps mobo. nw i want a grafix card...i went to search and i found xfx geforce 9500gt 1gb gddr2. bt i also heard of 9600 gt. which would be better,? earlier i had a 6200 le 256 mb agp card whicg played farcry fear at medium settings. which graphix card shud i go for. plz suggest. kindly tell thd differnce in performance betwn zj9500 gt and 9600gt. thnx
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  1. The 9500GT 1GB DDR2 sucks, I'm sorry - the 1GB is a marketing gimmick and won't make a difference between 512MB and 1GB, on a weak card like the 9500GT. The 9600GT 512MB will perform a lot better, and you should definitely get that instead.
  2. i have a 20''lcd monitor of 1900 x 600 resolution. so would that effect while chosing cards. moreover while surfimmg reviews i came across radeon 4830. what do u say bout that? will radeon card support my mobo? and i also want to know that are radeon cjards better or nvidia? thanks for ur advice...
  3. With 1900 x 600 resolution you definitely want a more powerful gaming video card than a Nvidia 9500GT. And even the 9600GT (now more than 2 years old) may not be the best choice.

    And how much are you willing to spend on a new video card?
    How much was that Radeon 4830? It's about a year and a half old video card.

    Also, what kind of power supply does your computer have? If you're unsure - just list the make and model of your PC. More than anything else (besides maybe your budget) it will be the limiting factor on how powerful a video card you stick in your system.
  4. sorry i wrote wrong. my resolution is 1600 x 900. and my power supply: i m quite unsure bout it... bt i have the one that was the stock... i dnt have any idea. my budget is just 5k inr. hope i will get sumthing within that..
  5. newgamer_02 said:
    kindly tell thd differnce in performance betwn zj9500 gt and 9600gt. thnx

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