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I just finished putting together a machine and recently brought 2 new drives to compliement my system. I have already install an 120 Intel 520 SSD and recently brought a 180 intel 520 SSD and a velocity raptor 1 tb drive. My question is that all of my drives are SATA 3 6.0gb drives, i have 4 6bg support sata ports on my motherboard 2 of the four being intel chipset the others are marvell. I also have 4 Intel sata 3 3.0gb ports that i'm using for dvd drives, hot swaps etc.. Would it be better to use these Intel supported sata 3.0gb ports for my 1TB velocity raptor or just use Marvells sata 6gb port.
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  1. Always put your SSDs on the Intel ports. The add-in controller cards are only good for overflow. The Marvell controllers are decent enough but the ASMedia ones are pure garbage.
  2. gotcha thats how i have it setup now both intel SSDs are on the intel 6.0gbs ports and the velocity raptor 1tb is on the 6.0gb marvell sata port. Was wondering if it would have been best to use the intel 3.0gb port for this drive or not utilizing the 6.0gb speed on marvell would be too much of a performance hit.Also since i've added these drives in had to fool around in the disk managment utility. I'm new with dealing with SSD so i'm not sure if i should convert to dynamic for the 180gb drive or make it a new stripped, spanned, or mirrored volume.
  3. Leave the SSDs as a simple volume. There's no need to fool around with them in Windows 7. You can put the Veliraptor on the Intel SATA II ports, it's limited by the platter interface anyway.
  4. ok cool things isn't giving the option for a simple volume only new stripped, new spanned, or mirror volume. other options are to convert as a GPT or Dynamic disk. I'm gonna be using the 180gb SSD primarily for games and none essential apps. 1 TB Raptor is for storage.
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