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I just finished putting together a machine and recently brought 2 new drives to compliement my system. I have already install an 120 Intel 520 SSD and recently brought a 180 intel 520 SSD and a velocity raptor 1 tb drive. My question is that all of my drives are SATA 3 6.0gb drives, i have 4 6bg support sata ports on my motherboard 2 of the four being intel chipset the others are marvell. I also have 4 Intel sata 3 3.0gb ports that i'm using for dvd drives, hot swaps etc.. Would it be better to use these Intel supported sata 3.0gb ports for my 1TB velocity raptor or just use Marvells sata 6gb port.
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  1. It makes no difference for a hard disk, but the Intel 3Gb/s port might be very slightly faster.
  2. if its a z68 or z77 board DEF. use the Intel ports.....

    its a req. of ssd caching
  3. Sorry i didn't even give what type of board i have its the Intel BOXDZ77GA70K LGA 1155 Z77. The two intel 6gb sata 3 ports are occupied with the two SSDs, the 120 has my OS and the 180 will be for apps and games. I have 4 Intel sata 3.0gb ports with i have 2 for hotswappable ports on my haf X case and one for front case usb 3.0 and one for DVD drive. Then 2 sata 3 6.0gb ports with marvell drivers, with a DVD drive and the Raptor since its a 6.0gb drive. Guess i should just use these marvell sata ports just for the DVD drives?
  4. For a hard disk it makes very little difference. Use the port that's most convenient.
  5. Cool thanks, im ready to cable this thing up and be done with it!
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