Upgrading power supply.. Need help..

I would like to upgrade my PSU from 350W to Trendsonic 450W..

The PSU look exactly like this but im buying new one..

My old PSU 365-watt power supply with power harness cable incorporating 4 SATA, 3 PATA and 1 FDD device power connectors (Specs say)
Now im upgrading to Trendsonic ATX 450w 20+4Pin – Have 1 SATA POWER SUPPLY for your system (I only have this info)

My problem is I dunno wth is 20+4pin bla bla bla..
Can it be use in my computer..
Help will be appreciated...
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  1. The 20+4 connector is for power to your motherboard. In addition, there will be an 8-pin (sometimes 4-pin) power connector for power to the CPU. The rest are for power to the hard drives, video card, fans, and other devices.
  2. This is a not particularly reliable, obsolete PSU from back in the day when everything was powered from the 5 volt output - note the really heavy 5 volt output.

    I'd get one of these: Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)

    More reliable, better design, greater efficiency, and more usable power output.
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