1920X1080 Really Blurry With HDMI


basically when i set the res to its native of 1920X1080 all the font on the desktop gets really blurry and unreadable, but funny thing is that i can run all my games at 1920X1080 with no problems.

i am using an evotel 32" LCD screen through HDMI straight into the HDMI port on the GFX card.

My system:

Windows 7 64bit
Phenom 955 @ stock
ATI 5870 - Running CCC 10.3
Antec Truepower 850
Geil DDR3 1333mhz
asrock 790GXmobo

any ideas?

Kind Regards
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  1. What is the specific model of your display?
  2. hey

    its titled as EVOTEL ELCD32USBFHD 32" Full HD LCD TV on Curry's website.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Open Catalyst Control Center

    Goto Desktop Properties... You should see the following key information

    1) Model of your display/TV as identified by CCC
    2) Desktop Area resolution (i.e. 1920x1080
    3) Color Quality (i.e. 32 bit)
    4) Refresh Rate (i.e. 60 HZ)
    5) Rotation (Landscape or Portrait)

    Also try driver 10.2 or an old stable version.
  4. Thanks for your reply

    1) CVTE TV
    2) 1280X720 (its the only res that makkes things clear, but native is 1920X1080)
    3)32 bit
    5) Landscape.

    ive tried version 8.3 and 10.3 to no anvil.

    anymore suggestions?

    Kind Regards

  5. Try 1920x1200 pixel resolution. If you reference the site below its states that the model you specified is equiped with 1920x1200 panel. Try it and see if that works. It would be good to refer to your TV data sheet. I could not find one at the moment.

    Go through the manual of your HDTV and look at the setup when using the HDMI(digital input). There may be a computer mode type setup. Some TVs have PC specific settings.

    Try the VGA input as well. See what kind of resolution you will have. On other sites PC input specifies 1 VGA port. Try that and look at the Dekstop Display Properties again and list the information you get.

    Where is evotel made? This is the first time i heard about this specific brand.

  6. Hey

    sorry for the late reply.

    i have misplaced the physical manual for the TV im affraid.

    when using VGA on the TV port i can go as high as 1280X1024 and desktop display properties showes a monitor with a max res of 1600X1200 but i can not go that high 1280X1024 is highest.

    i think its a chinese brand i heard from the grape vine that a brand called Matsui changed their name to evotel.

    Kind Regards
  7. What do you mean you can't set it beyind 1280x1024? Are setting greyed out?

    On CCC desktop Display Properties, Clicking the small TV icons at the bottom will bring you to menu (Attributes, Avivo Color, HDTV Support, LCD Over Drive).

    Select the HDTV support. Check/select the 1080P60 and 1080P24. See if that helps.
  8. hey

    no its not greyed out but the TV it self gets thrown out and does not support anything higher then 1280X1024 from the VGA port, screen goes blue and just states "not supported" then reverts back to 1280X1024

    i have also tried adding the following resolution and refresh rate but still to no anvil, it states that by checking them "it adds it to the force button menu in the display management"

    pardon my ingorance but where can i find this "force button"? (a screen shot will be an amazing help, im running 10.3 and its set to advanced.)

    Kind Regards
  9. Anymore suggestions?

    Kind Regards
  10. You need to find the documentation of your TV. It may have PC-mode connection feature just like most of the HDTV. It elminates the video interpolation done (120HZ LCD) to enhance videos and movies. That feature does not work for PC link and must be disabled.

    Its hard to provide more unless there is a reference document. Have you tried to call tech support of your HDTV?

    Have considered getting a better HDTV or LCD screen? Try to avoid a situation were you have Ferrari on Bicyle wheels. You have a kick ass 5870 it needs an excellent screen.
  11. Read this specific issue on Samsung HDTV.. Your problem may be similar to it

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