Corsair force 3 in raid 0

I have a asus p8z77-v lx. I've been trying to raid to corsair force 3s in raid 0. Now in the asus bios it gives the option to switch between ahci or raid. Also outside the bios im giving the ctrl-I option. So im trying to figure out if I'm suppose to switch ahci to raid or leave it alone? Or should i buy a raid controller
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  1. The SATA ports your SSDs are connected to have to be in RAID mode in order to create a RAID-0 array.

    Once you've done that you then reboot into the RAID BIOS (Ctrl-I) and create your RAID-0 array.
  2. I've done that. And i get the asus screen then the ctrl-i screen showing that the drives are in raid and are bootable then it goes back to the asus screen and finally to the windows loading screen where it ask to repair windows startup which i have tried and it says it cant fix it .
  3. Go back into Ctrl-I, delete your RAID, and then create a new one.
    You should then be able to do a fresh Windows install.
  4. When you setup a RAID array, any existing data on the drives will be destroyed. I hope you backed up anything you needed first.
  5. I have a 1tb drive i back up to
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