Recovering Bad sectors on a Macbook

OK, gonna start off staying, I don't know squat about Macs. I'm a PC guy through and through and usually avoid touching Apple hardware like the plague. This is a special case though. It's my brother's.

He hands me Macbook that won't boot all the way and gives me no info on it. So I have no clue what any of the hardware is other than it has a SATA 250GB Fujitsu hard drive. It starts, makes the Apple sound and stays on a white screen for a few seconds then shows the Apple logo. Wait a few more seconds and a little thing spins below the Apple logo. And that's it. I let it do that for about 15 minutes once. It doesn't do anything else.

So, I pull the drive, and pop it in the secondary bay on my laptop. I ran the trial version of HDD Regenerator and it discovered about 3 bad sectors and 3 or 4 delays. Do y'all think that I can get this drive in decent enough condition using something like the full version of HDD Regenerator or some other (preferably free) software to get the system to boot, or do y'all think that I should just grab another Mac, use my external enclosure and just recover what I can, then slap a new drive in the Macbook?
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  1. The latter I think. I would try to RMA the drive if you can, wouldn't hurt and I doubt any utility is going to magically un-corrupt the OS even if you could get those sectors back.

    Of course there may be nothing wrong with this drive at all (minus a few bad sectors) and it could totally be a Mac OS issue. I think you need more info on what happened.
  2. Well, like I said, HDD Regenerator reported some bad sectors and delays. I guess I'll run with the latter and tell my brother to buy a new hard drive for it. It's not like they're expensive. I was trying to avoid the latter option due to my lack of Mac hardware to do this with but I'm sure I can get my hands on one some how.
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