Which graphics card do you recommend for gaming?

Hello, I am shopping around for a graphics card upgrade at TigerDirect and I'm considering the Radeon HD 5770 for $175. I also see a GeForce GTX 260 Overclocked MAXCORE for $195. Which one has better gaming performance/benefits?

Also, how do these cards compare to the $95 GeForce 9800 GT and Radeon HD 4770? Is double the price really worth it?

My other specs are Windows Vista Home Premium, 2.4Ghz Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, and PCI Express mobo viewed on a 24 inch monitor.

Thanks for the input!
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  1. A lot depends on what what games you play. The two you listed 5770 / GTX 260 are pretty close in performance, except the OC'd GTX 260 should perform a bit better. Of course, you could overclock the 5770 for free, instead of paying someone else to do it at the factory.

    Look at the rest of the performance benchmarks here for 4770 & 9800 GT comparisons.
  2. hmm,
    if your into animation apart from gaming its good if you choose gtx 260 . Else Radeon hd 5770 is also not a bad idea .

    i dont know much about gpus but one thing is sure 9800gt does not give satisfactory results comparing 9800gt with hd 4770. i would perfer 4770.

    Its good if you go for hd 5770 it has got direct x11 support but for rendering purpose gtx 260 would be the better choice.
    and yeh ! if possible you should be thinking to upgrade your os from vista to windows 7 home premium
  3. Remember google is your friend : )

    ( above ) That is probably not a 216 SP. The 260 performs better than the 5770. I would also take a look at the 4890 if you are not concerned with DX11.

    The performance/dollar increase is worth it based on the cards you mentioned.

    If it were me I would save a few more $ and go for a 5850 but that's just me.

    What is the native res of your monitor ?
  4. The native resolution is 1920x1080. Is this a bad resolution for computers? I see only 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600 for benchmarks.

    Yes I've been considering the 5850 but I'm just concerned whether its a viable crossfire card in the future. Also, do Nvidia cards have exclusive technologies such as 3D Vision and Physx?
  5. It's not a bad resolution - just new enough that you don't always see that used in benchmarks. Less pixels (1920x1080 vs 1920x1200) usually means a smidge better performance so you can still get a good ballpark estimate watching the 19x12 benchmarks.
    Also note, you have to pay attention to the rest of the system hardware which is also a factor in the scores.
    5850 and 5770 are both viable crossfire cards out into the future.
  6. ^+1 Not a bad res at all.

    The 5850 is the best bang for the buck in the industry right now in my opinion. I am torn between a 470 and 5850 right now myself.

    If your budget allows I would definitely pursue the 5850 as you will be very happy with this card. OC to 3.0< and you will be even more satisfied. Honestly you will not need to xfire for a long time unless you just want to kill synthetics. By the time it's required new options will be available.
  7. Does the manufacturer matter (Powercolor, HIS, Sapphire)? Also does it matter that my motherboard is only PCI-Express 1.x? I'm really torn between 5770 and 5850 because I could crossfire 5770 later to equal or better 5850 but right now my motherboard doesn't support crossfire so if its not fast enough I'll be stuck with it.

    Oh, and what about the Nvidia 3D Vision and Physx? Are there Radeon equivalents?
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    Of those listed I would go with Sapphire. If it were my purchase I would go with the Asus DirectCu edition or with the XFX card. If you are going to spend this much money on a card do some research. Read up and find the pro's and con's based on your own likes and dislikes. What I prefer may not cater to your own preferences.

    You are ok with 1.0. If you choose to xfire in the future just be sure to get a good board with x16 x2.

    Well 2x5770 perform roughly 10-15 and up to 30% better than a single 5850. The delta between 1x5770 vs 1x5850 is far greater though in favor of the 5850. I definitely think you would be happier with the 5850. It will be plenty fast. Once the prices drop back to where they should be you can possibly look at xfiring the 5850.

    It depends on what you want short term and how much you want to spend in the long run.

    xfire 5770 $300-$330
    New MB $75-170
    Cost $375-$500

    5850 $300-$330

    As far as 3d goes , I personally don't see the need to consider it when looking to make a purchase. Eventually it might be the norm and cost will have come down. Physics is not a feature I take into consideration either. There just isn't enough software out there that utilizes it.

    ATI 3d is already in the works.
  9. I say a 5770 for DX11 and eyefinity. If you're looking at the $100 mark though a 4850 perhaps makes the most sense.
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  11. yah 5770 wll be affordable and u wll rock future DX11 games, as far as 260GTX is an old tech. ill go for 5770
  12. Hit us up and let us know which card you decided on.
  13. which card hav u decided
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