E6500 Stuck Temp Sensor ?


Ive been reading some articles about stuck temp sensors as I'm not sure if mine qualifies as stuck or I'm missing something. I think its possible core 1 is stuck as i haven't seen it drop any lower the 41c but using Real Temp Cool Down Test the cores are always within at least a degree of each other, Ive attached a picture below.


Your help is much appreciated

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  1. Oops ignore the minimum temp, that was when i was messing around with calibration to check to see if that was a problem. At default it doesn't drop below 41c
  2. anybody ?
  3. The fact it doesn't drop below 41 has probably more to do with a bad heatsink/airflow than a stuck temp sensor.
    Make sure you have appropriate airflow in the case by routing cables away from the area around the cpu. Also clear any dust from the heatsink.

    Still the max temp of 60 isn't dangerous at all.
  4. That minimum temp is about right for a Pentium Dual Core E6500, my E6700 idles about the same.
  5. Your minimum is about right on for a Pentium Dual Core E6500 with a stock cpu fan and heatsink. If you want to lower the temperature you will need to buy a better cpu fan to make it cooler.
  6. but even when the second core drops to as low as 32c the 1st sticks at 41c
  7. It all depends on what program you are using.. If you play games alot on you computer most the games now only support a signal core not 2 cores or more.
  8. i play plenty of games and they are fine, i really just wanted to know if the results are consistent with a stuck temp gauge
  9. It's not stuck...?
    One CPU core will typically be favoured, and do more work.
    41C at idle is good, that's really low...
    The internal core temps are actually always higher than the single 'external' CPU temp reported, anyway.
    So it's that 32C core temp that is actually suspicious!
    Lemee see now, an E6420 @ 2.4GHz I have running here is ~53C right now (doing stuff) and each core is reporting ~56C...
    I've never heard of a stuck temp gauge before,
  10. There is such thing, search the internet and you will see its quite common with the newer 45nm intel processors. Also it shouldnt be that suspicious, im using speedstep so the processor drops its voltage while idle and the multiplier drops to X6
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