Are SSD's Really Worth It?

So Windows 8 came out and along with it came a new way for it to boot-up (I'm using the Release Preview btw)

Turns out it sort of like a hibernation that uses no power
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Anyways it makes Windows 8 boot up REALLY FAST. I'm saying this because I'm using a HDD and it feels like a SSD. I'm not kidding you I find it hard to know why I wanted an SSD again.

Which is actually the dilemma I'm having right now:

- Would it be better to get an SSD or a really large HDD (my current one is only 500 GB, budget build >.<)?

- How fast does SSD tech go? I'm tempted to buy a Samsung 830 SSD since they're running a promotion now and all of them are on sale, but since I'm willing to wait, how long would it be before a noticeable improvement is made (speed, price, etc)?

- HDD prices are still up high even after the tsunami because the companies need the extra money to get back on course after the tsunami knock out everything. How soon would it go back down?

- In the grand scheme of thing, is it really worth to buy it right now? At all?
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  1. Boot up time is only one of the many advantages of SSDs. SSDs greatly improve application responsiveness across the board. Since SSD prices have dropped dramatically recently, it is possible to get a high end SSD for around $1 per gigabyte or less. So yes, it is worth it.
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