Max Refresh Rate?

max Refresh Rate of hd4870 in 1080p?
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  1. 1920 x1080 at 60hz as long as your monitor supports that resolution.
  2. It's not the card's support of refresh rate, it's the monitor's. Monitor's are usually 60, CRT monitors can go to 75, and 3D monitors have 120hz.
  3. sorry but i mean that my lcd (lets say 480hz) so the gpu will can provaid 480 fps in 1080p???
  4. How much fps you get vary per game but yes a gpu can provide many fps. If you use something like fraps you can see that the frame bufferstores and sends quite a lot of frames per second in some games.

    However, in some games the 4870 may not be able to get more than 30. it really does depend on the game and settings used.

    How much visible fps you get is another matter as LCD monitors do not update the image evenly so even how much fps the gfx card sends to the monitor and how many fps the monitor can receive is not always what the monitor can actually display.
  5. lol...... i jast want to see 3d movie in 1080p in full of 480(fps)..!!!

    so.. do ineed beter card then hd4870 1gb o.c?
  6. Hi, those do not display 480fps as such. They use trickery to do so and I really, really doubt that they have the response time to show those images. Marketing BS.
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