I'm Looking for motherboard for a DAW

I will try and sum this up the best I can.
I am a newbie to computers/the Internet, I have done a RAM upgrade and several of cleaning the dust out with a static wrist strap. I'm very careful. I may be new to computers but all my life I would take VCR's apart, sometimes fix them. My Goal is to build my Dream PC, but with the research that I have been doing I think I would be better off starting with repairing/rebuilding my eMachine T2893 because a month or two ago it just would not power on when I pressed the power button. I bought a PSU at Best Buy and ended up returning it because that's not the problem.
When I plug the eMachine in there is a little green light that is on if you look with the side panel off. I'm trying to fing a good motherboard/CPU combo that is really good with music production and will fit the case to the eMachine desktop and in the future I'll want to upgrade the graphics.
Any info will be appreciated.
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  1. Well a modern motherboard CPU combo will not be able to use your ram or video card if you had one so you are basically starting a new build. Your case should accept any modern mATX board that is on the market but I would recommend that you start with a mid tower case so you are not limited to mATX boards.
  2. Obviously, price is a consideration...What is your budget?

    And what do you want to be able to do?
  3. About 2 years ago I built a DAW out of a Core i7 920 and EVGA motherboard. Lian Li case for quiet and quality cooling. I believe it is a PC Cooling and Components power supply. Also quiet and nice. And an EVGA GTX 260 card which also runs nice and quiet. Bulletproof, I run Ableton Live on it all the time through a Presonus. Recommended. Interesting how the "low noise" stuff is often made better.
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