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Which one should I get? I will install my OS on the one I get.

I have a choice between 2, yes I want a 100GB+ .......

The difference between the 2 is only 8 GB's (I know when I get the SSD it won't be quite 128 or 120 GB's. It will be a little less, I am expecting this)

Right now the 120GB is only $99.99 ($25 off coupon code):

This 128GB is $$143.99:

I am not wanting different brands, I am only wanting to know which one I should get. Remember there is almost a $50 difference! Is SanDisk a good brand? It has great reviews, how are their failure rates? I need an answer quick, I am going to sleep soon and will be ordering this first thing in the morning!

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  1. get the 120GB.
  2. That's what I figured. Will do. Seems like a pretty good deal, so good I may just buy 2 lol
  3. 2 for what isn't 1 enough?
  4. Just a quick note that you don't want to raid SSD's as this disables the trim feature.

    Prices on SSDs are also dropping pretty fast lately, so I'd just stick with 1 unless you are upgrading a 2nd computer.
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