New cpu and now pc wont turn on

hi please somebody help me, i got a new Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz Socket 775 1333FSB 4MB L2 Cache, to replace my Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz Socket 775 800FSB 2MB L2 Cache, and after i installed it things were fine for about 10 min then my pc would just shut down, after messing round for an hour i found out my cpu was overheating it was on 72c on idle, i then decided to go back to my old cpu until i got a new cpu fan.
When i got a new fan i put it on, put thremal past on the cpu, and the new cpu back into my pc, but now it will start and then shut down after 1 second the fans all sound cpu, case, and graphics card fan, but nothing will start up for longer than a second, after some time i then put my old cpu back into the pc but i still get the same problem please could someone help.

i have tryed taking things out and i have even got a new psu

my specs
ASRock N7AD-SLI nForce 740i Socket 775 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
Extra Value 1GB DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 240pin Extra Value Ram x3
XFX GeForce 8800GT 512MB Alpha Dog
700W Black CiT ATX Power Supply with 12cm Silent Fan
Akasa AK-968 X4 Performance multi-platform CPU cooler
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  1. Uh sorry to say but it sounds like you somehow killed your motherboard.

    Make sure the CPU pins are all very clean. Could be that you got thermal paste in there or something.
  2. take the cpu out and see if you are getting the same prob, i was getting this prob with my old intel rig after the cpu overheated, the whole cpu circuit had fried, the first thing to try is to unplug the 4 pin cpu connector, then try to start the pc, if the fans stay on then u know its the same prob and the board is gone, if the same thing occurs, remove the board from the case because it might be a short
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